Monday, February 15, 2010

See who was looking cool at Port Arthur Mardi Gras

We were at Mardi Gras 2010. How about you? Check out our Seen galleries to see if you can spot anyone you know.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rainy day time wasters

What?!? Mardi Gras has been canceled?
And here I was all set today for seafood gumbo and a stroll with the Clydesdales.

To combat the doldrums of this rainy day, might I suggest a few good time wasters:

If you haven't already, check out our Seen photos from last night's Roller Derby match at Mannings Texas on Wheels. Click here for more photos.

Catch up with Hagar the Horrible, Blondie and Zits comic strips here.

Complete Sudoku and Crossword puzzles here.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Best Dressed at Symphony Ball, Orange Mardi Gras and Super Bowl

Were you Seen this weekend at the Symphony Ball, Orange Mardi Gras Parade or out celebrating the Saints' Super Bowl victory? Find out here.

Here are our picks for best dressed from these fun weekend events!

We deemed this photo best from the Symphony Ball (Tango Argentine 2010) because of that absolutely fabulous necklace! We like that the wearer kept the focus on her dazzling accessory by wearing her hair up and off her neckline. She also kept it simple and looks stunning by wearing small earrings. See who was seen at Symphony Ball here.

Keeping the accessory train rolling, we picked this photo as best from the Orange Mardi Gras Parade. From that crazy hat, to the crimped wig and that funky top, this reveler clearly knows how to let the good times roll! See who was Seen at Orange Mardi Gras here.

Congratulations to all Saints fans on your team's stunning victory. We loved this shot from the Buffalo Wild Wings Super Bowl viewing party because the whole family rolled in style: complete with matching Drew Brees' jerseys. Geaux Saints! See who was Seen at Madison's and Buffalo Wild Wings Sunday here.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The thong is dead?!? I blame Sisqo

Cosmopolitan magazine (self-proclaimed expert of all things beauty and sex) has declared the thong dead. (I know! Color me shocked!)

Thongs, long the destroyer of a visible panty line, are said to be declining in sales, according to the magazine. Boy shorts are surpassing the cheeky underwear by leaps and bounds among consumers.

"Boy shorts make our asses look so amazing. Let's face it, unless you're blessed with Gisele–like DNA, it's likely that a string bisecting your backside wasn't doing your figure any favors. Most boy shorts have a seam running down the middle of the butt, which accentuates the curvature of the bum for any body, giving the illusion of a Kardashian–style keister," the magazine reports.

I am contemplating hosting a farewell thong party. Guests can bring their stash and we can ceremoniously burn panties while jamming to Sisqo's "Thong Song."

What? You forgot about Sisqo? Who could forget these classic lyrics?
"She had dumps like a truck truck truck. Thighs like what what what. All night long. Let me see that thong."

For those of you who might have forgotten this poetic rapper, relive the magic of the 90s and white thongs under a black light below.

Best dressed at Harlem Globetrotters

Our Seen photographer was out and about last night, taking shots of all the local Harlem Globetrotter fans. (Click here to see all the photos.) We picked this mom/son duo as Best Dressed for their fun, casual looks.

Any sports fan will tell you: you can't go to a game without a jersey. And this little guy looks thrilled to be sporting a Harlem jersey. His mom, prepared for possibly cool temperatures inside Ford Arena, looks great (and comfy) in this fashionable, fitted denim jacket.

So, how was the game?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Disney Tiny Tink jewelry recalled for excessive lead

Things are not so peachy in Neverland.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on Wednesday announced a voluntary recall of Disney's Tiny Tink and Friends Children’s Toy Jewelry Sets.

The commission estimates 252,000 Tink products sold between November 2008 and November 2009 are impacted by the recall.

According to the commission, a cylindrical metal connector on a Tink and Friends charm can contain levels of lead in excess of 300 parts per million, which is prohibited under federal law.

So far, no injuries have been reported.

Below are the product numbers of items being recalled:

Item # UPC # Description
74634 0 43377 74634 8 Tinker Bell's Lil’ Tinker Bracelet
74641 0 43377 74641 6 Tinker Bell's Lil’ Tinker Bracelet
74631 0 43377 74631 7 Rosetta's Rosebud Key Chain
74632 0 43377 74632 4 Silvermist's Water Lily Necklace

Charms that have plastic tabs instead of metal rings and cylinders are not included in this recall.

If your child has one of these contaminated toys, you should immediately take the charm and cord away from children, discard the items, and contact Playmates Toys for a replacement charm accessory.

Playmates toys can be contacted at (888) 810-1133 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday.